KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile with Lights and Relaxing Music. Includes Ceiling Light Projector with Stars, Animals. Musical Crib Mobile with Timer

Product description

Star Projector Night Light Musical Crib Mobile

Rotating Mobile with Four Cute Animals

After the nursery room lights go out, an enchanting light show of the moon and stars projects onto the ceiling.

Effortless Installation

KiddoLab’s entrancing crib mobile features a simple yellow knob that easily attaches the toy to the side bar of your baby’s bed.

Soothing Sounds

Choose between music that stops after fifteen minutes, continuous soothing lullabies or gentle nature sounds to help your precious little ones fall fast asleep.

A Gentle and Soothing Display for Bedtime

When it’s time to put your precious newborn down for a nap or for bedtime, help them quickly drift off to dreamland with KiddoLab’s Star Projector Night Light Musical Crib Mobile. Four happy animal friends all keep your baby company as they fall fast asleep. Once the lights do dark in the nursery, a reassuring night light display of the moon and stars is projected onto the ceiling overhead.

Calming Music and Nature Sounds

As the colorful dream pets dance and the moon and stars shine above, choose a calming sound companion to ease your infant’s mind. This advanced crib mobile has several modes to choose from: music that stops after fifteen minutes, soothing lullabies that play continuously, or gentle nature sounds that evoke the serenity of the natural world.

Unique Artistic Design

The creative minds at KiddoLab bring their unique expression of style to each toy they produce. This simple mobile’s every detail is brightly adorned and painstakingly crafted to be both functional and instantly appealing. Constructed from durable materials, this musical toy is built to last and is optimized for easy cleaning.